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To Listen. To See. To Feel

exhibition curator: Andrzej Witczak

project managers: Karolina Gołębiowska, Andrzej Witczak

workshop tutors: Paweł Kula, Małgorzata Mazur, Andrzej Wochnik i Maria Zwolińska

artists: Ida Sochańska, Anna Chudycka, Krzysztof Janikowski, Ryszard Dziczek, Alina Zbróg, Pamela Bogusz, Dariusz Domosud, Zenon Kopczak, Cezary Czubaszek, Paweł Urbański, Zuzanna Bartosiewicz, Michał Krzywonos, Łukasz Kraszewski

The project CREATIVE_reGENERATOR is a collaboration of the Association of Families and Friends of Children with Down Syndrome ISKIERKA, Nursing Home at Wł. Broniewskiego Street in Szczecin and TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art in Szczecin. It is co-financed from the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, obtained through the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.


Sat 10 Dec 2022
Thu 09 Mar 2023
exhibition opening
Fri 10 Mar 2023 —
Sun 07 May 2023

The exhibition To Listen. To See. To Feel wraps up a series of workshops in which Szczecin based artists collaborated with individuals affiliated with the Association of Families and Friends of Children with Down Syndrome ISKIERKA and the residents of the Nursing Home at Wł. Broniewskiego Street in Szczecin. The show is the result of creative meetings that were held for a span of several months. Initially strangers, the participants partnered in sharing their dreams, observations, skills and emotions.

Art serves as a transmitter of information, vent for expression and catalyst for thinking. For the show participants, it has become a tool of communication with the outside world – a natural language, much more adequate than the verbal one burdened with rules, exceptions and resistant to change.

The stories, rooted in personal feelings and everyday routines, reflect human struggle against the world’s indifference. The workshops were held in three separate groups under expert supervision. Despite different cognitive skills and working methods, it was possible to come up with a collective message about the universal need to understand and to be understood. Individual emotions and dreams become a social mirror – we can see the reflection only if we are guided by empathy and expand the limits of our cognitive ability.