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Zorka Wollny "Environment"┬á- instructions for a virtual tour of the exhibition at TRAFO, curated by Joanna Warsza.

The finissage of the exhibition Environment. A Future Retrospective by Zorka Wollny was scheduled on March 29, 2020. While the world is trying to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, the show has remained hibernated within the walls of the TRAFO building until the institution reopens. Many of us, trying to keep the risk of infection away from our loved ones, have given up family gatherings during the upcoming holiday season.

In this unique time, alongside the traditional wishes we would like to extend to you, let us share the exhibition manual prepared by the artist in the DIY spirit.

We hope you have a beautiful and healthy Easter!


Feel the exhibition without leaving home:


Overtone Hive

with Jasmine Guffond

Listen to the work cleaning dust and crumbs with your fingers.



with Jasmine Guffond

In the dim light, stare intensely at the ceiling,

try not to blink.


Lullabies To Wake Up

with Christine Sch├Ârkhuber

Listen when you are asleep,

“Lullabies to wake up” work best when you are listening to them subconsciously all night.


Quiet Rush

Get into the closet under the sink and make yourself comfortable,

smell your favorite spice or oil.

Psychodelic Choir – Savanna

Listen while inhaling chamomile.

Polyphonic Manifesto / Environment 

with Polin Choir

Listen together with your plants, animals and other household members.

Do not be afraid.


Polyphonic Manifesto / It’s enough!

with Polin Choir

Stand in an open window holding a speaker.


Watch the film

and organize your own political karaoke with your family,

you can use materials from the artist’s website or favorite speeches of Polish politicians…

Butterfly Effect 

You can create this piece on your own, gently pouring rice, pasta and groats through your fingers, in complete silence.


For the pissed off. Break thick glass (throuh a newspaper) and tread on it for minimum 10 minutes.

Rolling Stones

Drop beads or pebbles collected during a walk from the balcony at 10-second intervals. Make sure there is no one downstairs.

The last three works are quotes from Composition for Factory, which you can watch here:

Overhearing Point

Put the glass against your neighbor’s wall ­čśë


Drumm Loom

with N.U. Unruh (Einsturzenden Neubauten)

This work can be perfectly illustrated by a concert played on kitchen pots with neighbors, standing on your balconies.


Zorka Wollny "┼Ürodowisko. Retrospektywa na przysz┼éo┼Ť─ç" / "Environment. A Future Retrospective"

Relacja z wernisa┼╝u wystawy Zorki Wollny "┼Ürodowisko. Retrospektywa na przysz┼éo┼Ť─ç" 15 lutego 2020 r. Kuratorka: Joanna WarszaO wystawie: Adam Barwi┼äski…………………..The opening of the exhibition "Environment. A Future Retrospective" by Zorka Wollny on February 15, 2020.Curator: Joanna WarszaMore details: Adam Barwi┼äski

Opublikowany przez TRAFO Wtorek, 25 lutego 2020

Sound Tags 

To be performed and  listened to with children.

Find objects that can produce sounds similar to the letters of the alphabet in your house. Then play your names and other things, e.g. poems for kids ┬á­čśë


Photos: Andrzej Golc, Marta Miszuk