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The third installment of the ‘Sound Systems’ series.

‘Nice to meet’ by artist Mateusz Choróbski is based on the simplest sound system used by humans: speech. The event takes place in a space dedicated to art – a field in which non-verbal experience plays an important role. The artist, together with the TRAFO staff, initiates a situation which changes how the institution functions by exposing the activities of café employees, security staff, and exhibition guides. The project cannot be realized without  the presence of the viewer. Confronted with an audience, the everyday duties of the people engaged in the project are rendered incomplete. The results of this experiment do not follow institutional schemes and are difficult to predict. 

Mateusz Choróbski (b. 1987) is a conceptual artist. After receiving a BA in photography from the University of Arts in Pozna┼ä and an MA in media arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, he achieved further expertise in multimedia during the period between 2011 and 2013 thanks to the inter-university cooperation between his home institute and the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He is currently completing a doctorate at the University of Arts in Pozna┼ä. In his art, Choróbski tests the ranges and scales of artistic expression: from short films to complex arrangements in gallery spaces, or activities in public spaces. An important aspect of his work is awareness of the relationship between the picture or object being viewed, and the audience.

The project is a collaboration with Halo group.

'Sound Systems’ Series

From June-December 2016, TRAFO presents a row of exhibitions titled ‘Sound Systems’ featuring installations and commissions by selected artists focused around the topic of sound. The series includes site-specific interventions from artists Janet Cardiff, Mateusz Chorobski, Ari Benjamin Meyers, Andreas Greiner, Tyler Friedman, and Konrad Smolenski. The schedule of the shows and accompanying events will be announced on an ongoing basis. The commissions, which receive their premiere in TRAFO, are created in collaboration with curator Marie-Eve Lafontaine.