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Młode Wilki 18
Young Wolves 18


November 16 – December 9, 2018


November 16-17, 2018


Łukasz Jastrubczak & Anna Orlikowska

The 5th jubilee edition of Młode Wilki 18 (Young Wolves 18) Art Festival, initiated and organized by the Faculty of Painting and New Media at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, reflects on the urban space, the activities of local activists and animators as well as public space art. From the very beginning, the core of the Festival has been an open call addressed to young artists and art school students from Poland.

This year, the jury made up of: Rafał Jakubowicz, Agnieszka Kilian, Joanna Rajkowska and Ewa Tatar, shortlisted 18 works out of 100 competition entries. They are showcased at TRAFO and the exhibition space at Obrońców Stalingradu 17. Among the works presented at the festival – experimental films, collective activities, objects, installations, artistic projects – the jurors will select three winners of the Młode Wilki 18 competition. The winners will be announced at the Festival gala held on November 17, 2018.

Aside from the exhibition and festival awards, Młode Wilki 18 is accompanied by a number of events, including: meeting with Józef Robakowski devoted to a project of Galeria Wymiany in Lodz – a gallery run by the artist since 1978, disc
ussion with
local community moderated by Agnieszka Kilian, as well as a concert by Argentinian musician, Lucio Capece.

The exhibition is a collaboration with the Academy of Art in Szczecin.