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September 26, 2014 at 8 p.m.

Panakeia by Na Chwil─Ö theatre company is a performance inspired by contemporary politics. 

Featuring: Ewa Chmielewska, Dominik Smaruj

Written and directed by: Ewa Chmielewska based on her own texts and texts by Dominika Smaruj


Na Chwil─Ö theatre is a Szczecin-based independent student theatre company. The members define their work as post-modern. They play with acting conventions, draw from eclecticism, pluralism and comlexity. Their performances are inspired by current issues. 


Na Chwil─Ö theatre company have staged three shows: Cielsko, Konwent – spotkanie tematyczne and Pankeia. They were presented and recognized at numerous theatre festivals in Poland. The group regularly presents performances as part of their performative project ARTEmedida – sztuka na miar─Ö.