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According to the most recent research, the origins of art date back over 100,000 years ago. The art has survived a number of plagues, wars or cataclysms. It has accompanied the human kind, documented the times and brought comfort. It will be the same now.

TRAFO invites you to the common art experience. The art will take us into the past and future, helping to understand the present (and, hopefully, bringing some relief). You can expect new materials online – please follow us on our FB and website, we will keep you posted.

We miss You, Artists and Visitors. We hope to see you soon!

One of the first artifacts, dating back over 100,000 years ago, is a flint hand-axe from Norfolk (West Tofts), England, with one of its faces marked by a fossilized shell. The artist purposefully preserved the feature untouched by covering it with their finger while processing the stone. Despite the passage of centuries, the object still holds a certain power over the eyes.
(after: J. Bell, Mirror of the World. New History of Art, Warsaw 2009.)