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February 6 – April 30, 2015


Justyna Werbel

Finissage: April 30, 2015 at 7 p.m.

"The concept of my piano playing incorporates a countless number of musical and situational inspirations. A subconscious, yet direct influence on my style of playing have had the years of practice at school and the music academy. There, in neighbouring exercise rooms, different pianists would polish their technique, which in turn created two or three layers of sound their authors were unaware of. I enjoyed playing in accord with one of them, sometimes repeating it exactly and waiting for an answer from behind the wall. Especially, when I knew who was on the other side, I was tempted to provoke him/her with his/her own phrase. 

What has remained the most clear in my auditory memories, is the walk through the long hallway, which we used to call "the piano hallway," at different times of the day. This is where the piano exercise rooms were located. Late in the afternoon, when our diligent virtuosos were in the midst of practice, the hallway was jam packed with decibels crunched into a shapeless mass of sound, which – together with the smell of floor paste and the sluggish light seeping from spherical chandeliers – is the essence of what the Gnilna street school was back in the day. As the day wore on, the cacophony transformed into more structured layers of sound, and one could make out individual musical pieces. Often, despite their autonomy, these layers of sound would synchronize into a quite logical whole, as if it was unconscious DJ'ing in its original and pure form. In contrast, the moment in which the silence was interrupted by a barely looming theme coming from the farthest room on the second floor, contained in itself an inexplicable kind of magic." Joanna Duda

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