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Artificial Patho-Intelligence

artists: Wera Bet  / Ola Zielinska, Eternal Engine (Marta Nawrot / Jagoda Wójtowicz), Latencja studio (Rom Dziadkiewicz / Joanna Parniewska / Anastasiia Vorobiova), Mateusz Janik / Marcin Kosakowski, Mean No Harm (Jeremiasz Rzenno / Kat Zavada), Borys Szadkowski

curator: Piotr Kopik


Thu 07 Oct 2021 —
Sun 24 Oct 2021
Thu 07 Oct 2021

We work and rest in varieties of cyberspace, ranging from a pixel-text standard to XYZ-specific illusory worlds. They are organized by large capital, dubious regulations, AI, and perhaps ourselves. Such spaces expand, they set us free us from physical constraints and social roles, only to impose new limitations. Depending on the gaming engine power, network bandwidth, algorithm, information bubble, cyber dependencies and finally – the budget restrictions. If we do not feed the worlds with data, we relish the moments of transition, imperfections, jammed bots and AI apps. Perhaps it is easier for us to capture all that in a simulated television program.

Somewhat casually and imperceptibly, we have begun to function in the world of virtuality combined with manifestations of artificial intelligence. The term AI (Artificial Intelligence) is frequently overstated to promote a new tool or device. By using the name, the manufacturer creates the impression the product can do much more than it is actually capable of. At the same time, there are a number of disguised but significant and risky aspects of AI development that affect real life. A number of businesses dynamically implementing AI solutions have aggressive data acquisition policies. They use advanced software solutions to process the collected information and influence the decisions of the consumers regarding recruitment, banking, medicine, information and entertainment. They thus affect the fate of people, and not only them. Imagine the above processes without external regulations, with undefined responsibility or in the wrong hands.

The exhibition features six new works that approach the above issues from different perspectives. They videos have been created especially for the purposes of the show, as a result of collaboration with the Department of Virtual Space at the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The works were selected in a competition.

concept and co-ordination: Piotr Kopik
supervising cameraman: Piotr Kucia – Zakład Rejestracji i Przetwarzania Obrazu i Dźwięku, WSM / ASP w Warszawie
supporting cameraman: Stanisław Loba
3D supervision: Andrei Isakov, Piotr Kopik
visual identification, graphic design: Piotr Chuchla
collaboration: Andrzej Witczak