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March 30 – April 2, 2017

We would like to express our sincere congrats to the winners and participants of the competition “Smart City Energy” held on the occasion of Scandinavian Days 2017.

I prize was awarded to the students of grade IIC at Primary School no 61 (126 votes)

II prize was awarded to Marek Hołody (49 votes)

III prize was awarded to Maja Chaber (21 votes)

The competition was attended by 58 participants. 



TRAFO Center of Contemporary Art in Szczecin invites children to participate in Open Call held on the occasion of the 2017 edition of Scandinavian Days. 

Works should be based around the main theme of the event: “Sustainable Development of Smart Cities”.

Have you ever thought about your dream city? What would it be like? Do you have ideas for new places, gadgets, communication solutions, technologies for the perfect city? Perhaps you can come up with an idea how to change the things you do not like. What would you like to improve to make it a perfect place?

Now think… Does your idea take into account the welfare of others? Have you thought about its impact on the environment and future residents? We encourage you to create a work inspired by these questions. 

Let your imagination run free and make use of any material and any technique. Submit your work with TRAFO until March 19 and feature it at the exhibition.

Do not forget to join the FB event and follow posts related to the main theme of the Scandinavian Days and Open Call. Click here.

Open Call is addressed to two age groups:
•    elementary school students,
•    junior high school students.

All artistic techniques are acceptable. Large-size works and spacial forms are welcome.

All submitted works will be on display at TRAFO on March 30-April 2. Visitors will have an opportunity to vote for the best pieces, with the winners receiving awards.

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