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Marek Kozera

curator: Mikołaj Iwański
coordinator: Andrzej Witczak


Thu 24 Nov 2022
Fri 25 Nov 2022 —
Wed 30 Nov 2022

Marek Kozera’s project balances formally between painting, sculpture, object, mystical taste metaphor and artificial intelligence algorithms. The latter are used to construct 3D models from unstructured photographs.

Exploring the theme of “Thing-beyond-thingness” is based on the Buddhist idea of Suniata (empty space). All things that appear in it are manifestations devoid of true existence, but also definite non-existence. Thought and objects cannot come into contact in it (Pai-chang).

The project begins with climate modeling. The starting point is changes in humidity, the drying effect of leaves, flowers, and stems, and air movement. The poetry taking place reveals a way of seeing. The proposed path is distinguished by: “Explore the hidden and visible world of THAT, which is ineffable” and “discover the realm defined by language.” “This realm explores what it calls “transform the perception of yourself”. In contrast to the “learning” attitude of the AI algorithm, based on the fixation of programmers, convinced that the language of computer science can comprehend everything in itself, complacent that everything coincides with the reach of the language of computer science, the project uses the language of mystical metaphor. It is about a metaphor for the taste of reality, constantly seeking clues beyond itself. Using artificial intelligence algorithms and a taste of reality like a painter’s brush, the artist creates 3D sculptural objects in digital space. It reveals the ineffable and materializes the imperceptible. The project involves printing the sculpture using resin or polyamides. Printing corresponds to the activity of collecting traces from images provided to algorithms, and primarily through Kozera’s taste of reality. This is served by the participation of THAT which is ineffable, belonging to both Kozera and the algorithm.