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Nicola Samori Religo


The catalogue is available for purchase in the TRAFO bookstore STACJA or online on 

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The catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition RELIGO 

RELIGO was published on the occasion of Nicola Samorì’s first monographic exhibition in Poland. The album, which in itself is a work of publishing art, perfectly captures the originality and artistry of the painter and sculptor as well as the impact of his exhibition in TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art.

This year Nicola Samorì was one of several artists selected for the Italian national pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale, where he exhibited several works which had been shown previously in TRAFO in Szczecin. The official presentation of the TRAFO publication took place on May 9th inside the Palazzo Loredan at the Venetian Institute Of Science, Literature and Arts, where Samorì, curator Marie Eve Lafontaine, art critic Friedhelm Mannekes, TRAFO director Mikołaj Sekutowicz, and independent curator Chiara Ianeselli were present.

The catalogue includes texts by Marie Eve Lafontaine, Friedhelm Mennekes, Mark Gisbourne, and a rare interview between the artist and Chiara Ianeselli. High quality photographs of the works and documentation of the exhibition in TRAFO are reproduced in a rich large-scale visual format. The publication itself is characterized by outstanding graphic design and excellent finish due to a specialized printing house in Italy. 


Editor: Mikołaj Sekutowicz
Art direction: Luigi Vitali, Luca Guarini – DUST Magazine
Art advice: Nicola Samorì, Chiara Ianeselli, Marie-Eve Lafontaine
Graphic design: Dania Rotatori, Emanuela Amato

© 2015 Nicola Samorì, Baltic Contemporary Sp. z o.o., The authors

Print and binding: Grafiche dell’Artiere, Bologna
Publishing: Baltic Contemporary
ISBN 978-83-942061-0-9
Polish version: ISBN 978-83-942061-1-6
Italian version: ISBN 978-83-942061-2-3


28,5×32,5 cm
Hard cover – embossed canvas
Offset printing
153 pages
138 colour plates
15 halftones
RELIGO, Nicola Samorì, 
ISBN 978-83-942061-0-9, Baltic Contemporary Sp. z o.o., May 2015,
153 pp., 28×28.

Zdjęcia katalogu: Adam Słomski / Underlight