Trafostacja Sztuki w Szczecinie ul. 艢wi臋tego Ducha 4 Wto-Czw & Nie / Tue-Thu & Sun 11:00-19:00 Pt-Sob / Fri-Sat 11:00-21:00

Klaudia Prabucka
Death and Herring

curator: Ada Kusiak

The opening will be accompanied by Klaudia Prabucka’s performative tour of the exhibition, with guest participation of Aleksandr* Demianiuk.



Thu 15 Dec 2022
Fri 16 Dec 2022 —
Sun 26 Feb 2023
Thu 09 Feb 2023
oprowadzanie i pokaz filmu

Klaudia Prabucka 艢mier膰 i 艣led藕 oprowadzanie + Sperm Obsession pokaz filmu i spotkanie

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Death and Herring is the first solo show of Klaudia Prabucka, one of the most interesting emerging artists in Poland.

Prabucka鈥檚 art mostly focuses on the analysis and reinterpretation of widely understood social conflicts. However, in her most recent paintings, sculptures and animation projects, created especially for the exhibition at TRAFO, the artist conveys her emotions by telling a personal story about the death of her grandmother. The works express sadness and bereavement, they talk about transience. At the same time, Klaudia Prabucka deliberately rejects vanitative symbols, common allegories of the fragility of fate and gloomy, monochromatic colors. Despite the weight and seriousness of the subject, Death and Herring聽is saturated with the artist’s characteristic sense of humour, language play and carefree aesthetics.

Klaudia Prabucka graduated from the Academy of Art in Szczecin. Her works have been shown at a number of festivals and exhibitions, including: Film Polska in Berlin, New Horizons in Wroc艂aw, Short Waves in Pozna艅, Post Pxrn Film Festival in Warsaw, Brussels Porn Film Festival, as well as at BWA Bielsko Bia艂a and BWA Gorz贸w Wielkopolski galleries.