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April 25 – May 18, 2014

Festival events will be underway in cities in across Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Uruguay and Brazil. On the festivalThe 3rd edition of KIDS LOVE DESIGN is a showcase of design activity aimed at the youngest of art’s participants, to be accompanied by the slogan “For kids on adult design. Adults on design for kids”. This year, the main festival theme is pop-art. The festival undertakings will sequentially reveal the impact of pop-art on design and how pop-art found its reflection in design. The 3rd edition also constitutes a continuation of the socially aware tasks expressed in the sentence: “Design for kids – design in the service of kids”. We are about to see another opening of the project which points out the social aspect and shows how wisely-applied design can change the quality of young persons’ lives. Constantly the festival’s aim is to make children aware of the fact that each and every object surrounding them was originally designed. From the other side, it is also our aim to make designers aware of the needs and expectations of the younger viewer as far as designed objects are concerned.

During the 3rd edition of KIDS LOVE DESIGN, works by artists from Poland and abroad are to be presented. Among others they include works by contemporary designers and those aligned to the pop-art movement. Polish illustrators’ works which were published in 20th century children’s books, will also be presented. During the festival, an architectural and sightseeing excursion to the German capital will take place. There will also be plenty of occasions for common meetings and conversations during the numerous workshops on pop-art and service design, for example, during the discussion panel with Maria Dziewolska and Dawid Wiener.

The 3rd edition of KIDS LOVE DESIGN will take place this spring 2014. It will showcase the “popular” art movement captured in an unprecedented context where experts, artists and curators will discuss pop-art for kids. Festival events will be underway in cities in across Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Uruguay and Brazil.