May 8-31,2015

KIDS LOVE DESIGN is the first Polish festival introducing children to the concept of design. It was launched by ARTmosphere Foundation in 2012, and since then, it has gained recognition both in Poland and abroad for its unique concept, focus on quality and involvement in social activities. It has proved “for children” is not equivalent to “childish”. Although it is primarily addressed to the youngest generation, the festival challenges adults working with children to extend their knowledge and gain new tools.


The past editions of KIDS LOVE DESIGN were devoted to pop-art, the functionalism of the Bauhaus school or global poster art and graphic design. The curators of the 4. edition decided to concentrate on Polish design, with particular focus on the themes related to children. “We have drawn inspiration from various initiatives originating outside Poland.  We feel the upcoming edition should continue and complement the works by Polish artists featured in the previous years.” – says Beata Kuracińska, the Director of ARTmosphere Foundation, the organizer of the festival.

Beginning May 8, a number of exhibitions devoted to Polish applied art will be showcased at TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art in Szczecin. One of the highlights is MUSTKNOW! Or what children (and others) should know about POLISH DESIGN. It will present various aspects of the design process, highlighting the important characteristics of everyday objects designed by Polish artists. The objects featured in the exhibition will include furniture, ceramics, fabrics, toys, computer animations and interactive applications developed by both experienced and emerging designers.      

The other exhibitions will invite the audience to discover works by contemporary designers inspired by Polish culture and tradition. An adventure outside the city – in search for Polish design will present contemporary objects designed by artists inspired by particular motifs or raw materials. Who are you? will focus on text and illustration in order to ask questions about patriotism. The festival program features a number of workshops addressed to various age groups, including the continuation of the international social project Common Room and a tour of Berlin focusing on the architecture, culture and history of the German capital.

The 4. edition of KIDS LOVE DESIGN will take place on May 8-31, 2015. 

More information is available on KIDS LOVE DESIGN website:

BEATA KURACIŃSKA is an economist and sociologist. She calls herself a connoisseur of visual arts, and she is currently involved in cultural animation and design. She collaborates with a number of institutions, galleries, artists, designers and NGOs. She has initiated various social and educational projects related to design. In 2012, Beata Kuracińska launched the international festival KIDS LOVE DESIGN! (, and since then, she has been its curator. She is a photographer – her exhibitions were presented in Poland, Kingston upon Hull (Great Britain), Reykjavik (Iceland), and Freetown (Sierra Leone). Beata Kuracińska is the founder and director of ARTmosphere foundation promoting cultural and educational activities, creating an environment for conscious reception of art and encouraging personal development through art. As the head of the foundation, she curated various exhibitions, including World Design, Bauhaus for children, MUSTKNOW! Or what children (and others) should know about POLISH DESIGN, Common Room 2013, Common Room 2014, Common Room 2015, Design Graphic, Typography and Neons, Child creativity – less means more, Coffee with milk, Popart-Across, An adventure outside the city – in search for Polish design. Beata Kuracińska runs design and photography workshops for children. She is an active promoter of good design and co-founder of the design duo OO PROJECT. She is full of enthusiasm and believes in the materialization of ideas.