Trafostacja Sztuki w Szczecinie ul. Świętego Ducha 4 Wto-Czw & Nie / Tue-Thu & Sun 11:00-19:00 Pt-Sob / Fri-Sat 11:00-21:00

Jenny Gräf Sheppard
Speaker Release
Workshop and Talk

Held as part of the project TEKHNÉ – Be Aware of Sound is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union and the City of Szczecin.

Partners: TRAFO Trafostacja Sztuki in Szczecin, CTM Festival, GMEA – National Center for Music Creation of Albi-Tarn, OUT.RA – Associação Cultural, Skaņu mežs festival, Q-O2.

In collaboration with: Academy of Art in Szczecin

Workshop held with  support from the Danish Arts Council / Statens Kunstfond and  Kultur(a)


Mon 13 May 2024 —
Mon 13 May 2024
Thu 23 May 2024
exhibition opening and live set

Jenny Gräf Sheppard Speaker Release

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In this talk/workshop, Jenny Gräf Sheppard presents her work and philosophy behind her non-conventional approach to instrument and speaker design that plays a role in her current artwork exhibited at Trafo from May 23 – August 3. Embracing both conceptual and tangible aspects of noise, and its role in the conversion of energy, her sonic practice dis/orients notions of power, speaker and control as well as distinctions between reproduction and translation. Her hand-crafted ‘speaker-instruments’, made of porcelain, copper, magnets, wood and electronic signal each are allowed to speak in their own voice, animating the materiality and non-materiality in sonic practice.  Jenny Gräf will present her sonic practice and give a small demonstration of how she works with the borders of materiality and non-materiality. She discusses how the speaker-instruments are a result of thinking about and experimenting with energy as border crossing both conceptually and concretely.

Jenny Gräf Sheppard is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician and instrument designer residing in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her works spans engages with systems, dynamics and relations in works that are at times participatory, de-stabilising, and calling into question processes of knowing and sensing. Her current works and PhD research deal with sound as an aspect of relationality and transformation. She focuses on the dis/orientating potential of sound, one that might hold clues for re-orienting how we engage with the world.