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Barbara Dziubasik
Mydło i powidło

kurator: Andrzej Witczak


Thu 09 Dec 2021
Fri 10 Dec 2021 —
Sun 13 Feb 2022

Barbara Dziubasik’s work is characterized by a remarkable sensitivity to the environment and ongoing changes as well as a meticulous approach to research and analysis of interdependencies between objects. The artist uses the term “utopian vision” for interspecies experience and to describe the acts of transcending human perspective.

The impulses that trigger Dziubasik’s works can be grouped into three major fields. The first one is coexistence with nature and the resulting placement of the man in a wider context of interdependencies and mutual interactions. The second one includes dream experiences with a whole range of dreamrelated conditions and pathologies such as hypnagogues, sleep paralysis, paralysis, hallucinations and sound hallucinations. The last field is the Internet and the related virtual reality – the artist refers to the above phenomena using the term „artificial growth” whose existence has been validated particularly during the recent pandemic period.

Mydło i powidło** is presented in the headshots* series. The exhibition features Dziubasik’s latest works which come together in a synthesis of the described experiences and an empathetic vision that makes us focus on a dreamlike story about the inevitability of change, coexistence and potential coexistence.

**mydło i powidło – colloq. pejor. a set of various things coming from unrelated domains


Following a thorough Instagram search, blinded by the blue light of LED monitors, a bit at random and a bit seriously, we continue inviting new people to participate in the second edition of the headshots series. We do not follow any competition rules here, we are not guided by cronyism or any thought-out rules for the selection of the artists. We hand the space over to the creative people, subjecting the white cube to a continuous experiment. Nice? Nice. Okay, we’ll do an exhibition. To sum up, the headshots series is a one-shot attempt at success or failure.


installation views: Andrzej Golc