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July 25 – August 21, 2014


Friday, July 25, 2014 at 7 p.m


Łucja Waśko-Mandes


Individual exhibition by Małgorzata Kopczyńska

The theme of the exhibition Drones/Agenesis is a state of incompleteness and mismatch. The phenomena the artist is interested in include affectation, deficiency, incompleteness, camouflage, freedom/captivity and transformation. Małgorzata Kopczyńska tries to create objectively, makes her artwork clear for the modern talk about the here and now (sometimes formally referring to the archetypal past), at the same time she filters all the elements mentioned through the net of own experiences, thoughts and images.

Agenesis is a medical term that refers to the failure of an organ to develop during embryonic growth ­ resulting in its absence. Sometimes one can live with it, sometimes it is fatal. The mutation may be invisible from the outside, but creates an empty spot inside, in the body. The artists takes this concept metaphorically, coming to the conclusion that the culture of lack is more and more dominant. We lack: knowledge, empathy, sensitivity, patience, etc. It is difficult to replace the internal empty spots with something, while an abundance of matter at hand and general over­ production of items.

Drones are literally empty ­ packed with electronics, but without a soul and human emotions. It is a sign of our times ­ ersatz being, substitute existence. The invisible guardian without an identity, unseizable enemy… The latest creations – Wylinka (Ecdysis) and Powidoki (Afterimages) are an attempt to construct the form that, by the shape and diverse display options, will meet the need for change – the continuous adaptation to the existing spatial and contextual conditions. Subsequent afterimages­ different incarnations originating from the same matrix bring hope for possible transformation, mutation that evolves to adjust. The work entitled Wylinka is a symbol of renewal, of the moulted covering that used to protect, but now is limiting and needs to be shed, a symbol of taking the decision to change. The three most camouflaged forms were created in situ in the space of Trafo centre. This is a visual synthesis of the exhibition themes the combination of emptiness, the state of transformation (entitled: Przed – Before) and the stages of mutating and freeing.