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Bartosz Sikorski
The Reboot of the Digisaur

kurator: Stanisław Ruksza


Tue 09 Feb 2021 —
Thu 18 Mar 2021
Thu 18 Mar 2021
finisa┼╝ w Filharmonii
im. Mieczysława Karłowicza w Szczecinie

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The art of Bartosz Sikorski is based around the close relationship between music and visual arts. Synesthetic ambitions to visualize a composition or convert image to sound provide a starting point for frequent artistic attempts to influence the multiplicity of senses, explain the piece of art through various media, and, finally, to limit the composition to pure absolute values of sound or color.

Sikorski’s works originate from the recognition and understanding of the similar structures of sound and visual works, as well as the methods of their creation, including the resemblance of the brush bristle painting vertical planes on the canvas to the bow hair bringing the sound out of the double bass.

The Reboot of the Digisaur showcases polyptychs, arranged into installations consisting of images-totems “supporting the wall”, sound compositions, sound-art installations and video projections, as well as sound installations, including the work Suppressed Sewerage (24 channels) – a mobile cluster on microton scale, that premieres at the exhibition.

An important feature of Sikorski’s art is a post-Dadaist sense of humor, a free, Ulenspiegel┬áapproach to the matter woven from the great themes of music and art.

Bartosz Sikorski (born 1974) – visual artist working with various media, composer, double bass player. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Berlin (Universit├Ąt der K├╝nste), the Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchester-Akademie der Berliner Philharmoniker) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Akademie der bildenden K├╝nste in Wien – diploma in 2012). Since 2000, he has been a member of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Wiener Philharmoniker). He has run an independent contemporary art space atelier SUTERENA in Vienna since 2012. Born in Bytom, he lives and works in Vienna.


installation views at TRAFO: Andrzej Golc