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September 20 – October 21, 2018


September 20, 2018 (Thursday) at 6pm


Emilia Orzechowska

Depth Perception is an experiment in which the original image is broken apart to create a new situation for the viewer – “the one who is watching”. The artist uses precise techniques and optical phenomena to achieve that effect. The process of applying images, screened in the plane of two dimensions, emphasizes their depth. The audience thus become both the participants and the observers of the experience. As Charoenmitr puts it: „I produce new visualizations through the demolition of the original image. The viewers can thus see the event in the new light. They discover they can perceive the same thing based on different individual experiences. Producing 3D visualization in a 2D plane is the result of the overlapping of light caused by positive and negative images, resulting in a deeper physical appearance of the visual material. The overlapping images of light may not give the perfect result. (…) I used the technology to rearrange the image space and immerse the audience in a new experience.”

Charoenmitr uses images from Bestia (The Polish Dancer), the movie directed by Aleksander Hertz in 1917. The film is a typical melodrama in which the world of upper classes intertwines with the life of the Warsaw underworld. It tells the tragic story of a love triangle, involving a young artist and her two lovers: the former and the new one, married to another woman. The femme fatale, played by Pola Negri –  the biggest movie star of the Polish cinema at the time, aroused the imagination of the contemporary audience.   

Charoenmitr’s works are based around his private interests and previous experiences and observations of reality, the condition of the modern man as well as the social phenomena affecting the individual and collective memory. Images and memories build up, multiply and displace one another. They shape new surfaces of light and move the contours, testing the viewer’s perception. 

Anupong Charoenmitr graduated from fine art photography at Rangsit University, Bangkok. He obtained his MA in fine arts at the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University. He currently teaches visual effects at the Faculty of Digital Art, Rangsit University.

The exhibition is the result of Charoenmitr’s one-month residency in Szczecin, held in collaboration with Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.


Film still from Bestia [1917], directed by Hertz Aleksander, Pola Negri
Courtesy of National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute