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May 24 – June 24, 2018


May 24, 2018 (Thursday) @ 7pm


Stanisław Ruksza

“Strange, I’ve seen that face before …”
Grace Jones, I’ve seen that face before (Libertango)

The encounter of Antonina Konopelska with Grzegorz Kowalski, the iconic professor at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (the founder of the famous studio – Kowalnia), takes place in an unusual space of tango – Libertango. The linguistic contamination was introduced by Ástor Piazzolla in the title of his famous composition from 1974. The piece, containing a very important component: la libertad, crossed the boundaries of classical tango by entering the area of tango nuevo.

Grzegorz Kowalski allowed Antonina Konopelska to take their relationship to the new territory. As he stated: “The hierarchical student-professor relationship in the educational process has always bothered me. In my opinion, the main obstacle in reaching more intimate layers, in communicating and coming to a shared understanding, is banning us from touching each other. The belief that it is inappropriate. That the professor must not touch the student, that the student must not pat the professor on the back – all this impairs our communication by depriving it of a very important aspect. Hence, Antonina’s idea that now, when we are no longer subject to this appropriateness and hierarchy, we can do something like that really appealed to me. Thanks to that I can enter the sphere that was not used by me when Antonina was my student.”    

Antonina Konopelska (born 1990) – the core of her artistic experiments is contact with the other human being. Her works feature friends, relatives, strangers or herself. She uses sound, music and movement. She is a graduate of Kowalnia – Grzegorz Kowalski’s Studio of the Audiovisual Space at the Department of Media Art at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.